ABOUT Our Classes…..
We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our class offerings during the next several months. We want this time to be enjoyable and relaxing for you.  Our very talented instructors are here to help you get the most out of each learning session 

The cost indicated on this schedule is for your instruction unless otherwise indicated. You will receive a materials list when you register for a class.  Please be sure you have everything you need prior to the class.  Check the list carefully; some classes have homework to complete before coming to class. 

Most of our classes are beginner's level.  Intermediate (and beyond) classes requiring  prequisite knowledge will have that information described at the beginning of the class description.  Please call us if you have questions about any prequisite.

We encourage you to sign up for classes early.  We have a maximum of 8 people per class and in order to secure your place, class fees are due at the time of registration

We kindly ask that you refrain from using your cell phones during your class.

Our Cancellation Policy: Your Store receipt serves as your reminder of the date and time of the class – so please mark your calendars!  So that everyone can get into the class of their choice, we ask you to notify us no later than 48 hours before the class in the event you are unable to attend.  We will make every effort to reschedule you for the next offering.  If we do not hear from you prior to the class and you do not attend your scheduled session, your class fee will be forfeited.
Beadworkz Class Descriptions
Butterfly Pin                                        Instructor: Cindy French
Bead Embroider a beautiful pin shaped and shaded in the color of butterflies.  Cindy has graphed
these patterns so that you can get right to work and create that one-of-a-kind pin.  A must take! 
Cost: $30 Saturday Dec 7 (10:30-12:30)


A-B    C-E   F-M   M-U   V-Z

Twisted Chain                                                Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Chain Maille I. The next step in series of chain making.  Learn to make this complicated looking and beautiful chain.    Cost: $35
Stained Glass/Soldered Bracelet Necklace/Holiday Ornament 
  Instructor: Kat Allison
Make stained glass pieces that can be used to make a beautiful linked bracelet or sun catcher.
Cost: $35 +$20 kit fee Bracelet: 

Loom Weaving II: Origami Beads        Instructor:  Kat Allison
Preq: Loom Weaving - Beads. Kat will show you how to create a woven origami piece
using the loom. Great for a cuff bracelet that is unique.  Cost $35

Class Descriptions are listed
in Alphabetical Order

2-Drop Peyote Necklace                               Instructor: Cindy French
Use this simple and popular stitch to create a beautiful necklace that yields a credit card size case
to hang around your neck. Cost: $30 

African Helix                                                  Instructor: Kat Allison
Learn the fundamentals of  this stitch from one of the best!   Cost $35 

All Crossed Up                                         Instructor   Kat Allison
Preq: Basic stringing or equivalent. Use a simple technique with top-drilled glass, pearls and or
semiprecious stones to make this full and stunning necklace. Cost $35

Bangle Noodle Bracelet                                   Instructor: Becky Greubel
An easy yet eye-catching bracelet using wire, noodles and your favorite beads. This is the bracelet
that everyone wants to make and wear! This is a quick gift idea for the holidays! 
Cost: $25 
Basic Stringing                                               Instructor: Becky Greubel
A must-take class for beginners.  Learn the ins and outs of how to design a strung necklace,
bracelet and earrings. Learn to crimp and add closures. One session is all it takes! 
Cost: $30. 
Bead Embroidery meets Steampunk               Instructor: Cindy French
Just as the title says - this class will teach you to make a hip and unique one-of-a-kind necklace
that is both whimical and stunning.  Cindy will show you how!  This class is taught in 2 sessions. In
the first session you will paint and prepare the base of your necklace and coordinate all the pieces
and parts that you want to use.  The second session will have you working up the finished piece. This
class is lots of fun and greatly inspiring!   Cost $45 (includes paints and Peylon necklace base)
  Please note: This class meets on both dates
Bead Embroidery              NEW FORMAT                Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Beaded Button or Beaded Scissors Case or equivalent; Go beyond the fundamentals of bead
embroidery in this class; There is homework so you will want to sign up early!  
Cost: $35
Beaded Bead                                                  Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Peyote Stitch Use Peyote to cover a wooden bead – all it takes is several beaded beads for a
great custom necklace.  Cost: $35

Beaded Button                                Instructor: Cindy French
Make your own buttons for that special outfit, the sweater you just knitted  or as a closure for a
beaded bracelet.  Cindy will show you how to embellish them with beads for a fabulous look.
Cost $30
Beaded Scissors Case                     Instructor: Cindy French
Learn and/or use beginning bead embroidery techniques to make this fun and practical project. 
Come create a scissors case necklace for your favorite pair of scissors.  This little piece of artwork
will keep your scissors easy to find – you’ll be wearing them!  Cost $30 
Beaded Watchband                                          Instructor: Cindy French
Fun to wear and functional fashion statement, these watch bands are easy enough for beginners.
Make one for every outfit!  Cost: $30
Beading With Friends          
Mark your calendars and join your friends for a relaxing time of beading and socializing.  Bring your current bead project - bring your finished ones also for show and tell - Most of all come and relax!  We have expanded meeting dates to every other week.   We hope to see you on any or all of the following dates.

Friday from 11:30-1:30 on     December 6
Beginning Herringbone                                   Instructor:  Kat Allison
Learn the basics of the Ndebele stitch.  This basic stitch works up fast and is fun to do.  If you are
trying to learn the basic stitches, this is a good class to take.
Cost $35
Beginning Peyote                                                Instructor:  Kat Allison
Learn the basics of the Peyotestitch.  This basic stitch is a good place to start when you begin to
learn beadweaving. It works up fast and is fun to do.  Cost $35  

Beginning Netting                                           Instructor: Cindy French
Learn the netting stitch and make a lovely strap that can be used for a lanyard or as a necklace.!
Cost: $30 

Beginning Polymer Clay                                   Instructor: Kat Allison
Learn the basics of Polymer Clay and create fun beads!  This basic class will be a perquisite for future
advanced level Polymer classes.   Cost: $35

Beginning Right Angle Weave                          Instructor: Kat Allison
Learn this basic and versatile stitch as you complete a project using this stitch.  Use Crystals with
this stitch for lots of bling. This class will prepare you for Moon Shapes and other advanced
Right-Angle Classes.  Cost: $35. 

Beginning Traditional Wirework                             Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq: Wire I or Equivalent.  In this introduction to traditional wireworking, Kathi will teach you the
fundamentals as you complete a beautiful bracelet called a Roman Cuff.   This class will teach
important traditional wirework techniques necessary to progress to more advanced traditional
wirework projects.  Cost $35

Braided Wire Bracelet                                 Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Wire I or experience with wire. This woven wire designer bangle looks complicated and
sophisticated yet the technique is easy. Come learn this wire-working process with one of the best!
Cost: $35.

Brick stitched Pendant                                     Instructor: Kat Allison
Brick stitch is a hand-weaving technique that results in a strong, shapable diagonal weave. The
finished weave looks very much like peyote stitch only more stable. Learn the basics of Brick Stitch
as you create a pendant for your next stringing project. This class will also prepare you to take the
Brick-stitched vessel class.   Cost: $35.

Brick-stitched Vessel                                      Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Knowledge of Brick Stitch   You’ve seen pictures of elaborately stitched vessels in bead
magazines. Now learn the art and make your own unique composition in this class. This project can
be setup for small baskets or larger centerpieces.
Cost: $35
Caterpillar Bracelet                                       Instructor: Cindy French
Using seed beads, build a fringy ruffled bracelet that is a thick as a caterpillar. Cindy will show you
two styles to make. Either one is a true eye catcher!
Cost: $30 

Cellini Spiral                                              Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Beginning Peyote or Equivalent.  Learn this classic form of a spiral that yields a very textured
spiral shape.  Dianne will show you how to plan and make a bracelet or necklace segment.
Cost $35  
Cha-Cha Bracelet                                       Instructor:
Love that look of dripping beads? If so, this class is for you! You will learn to make wrapped loops
that connect beads to chain using headpins or wire.
Cost: $30

Chain Maille Classes                Instructor: Kat Allison
Chain Maille I: This is where you begin if you are new to Chain Maille. It is traditional Chain Maille
(think  knights in shining armor) that goes modern.  It is a beautiful and easy-to-make chain that
looks complex and difficult. In this class, you will learn 2 different tubular patterns –Byzantine
and Queen’s Chain;  
Cost: $35;

Chunky Crocheted Bracelet                       Instructor: Kathy Roszkowski
Preq: Knowledge of Crocheting: This bracelet is both chunky and beautiful! Made using different color
seed beads in the crochet pattern that is eye-catching.  In this class you will learn basics of bead
crocheting using pony beads,  start on your bracelet using seed beads and learn how to finish with a
clasp.             Cost: $35. 

Crazy Quilt Tote  & Scissors Case      Instructor: Cindy French
Learn to make a gorgeous tote using crazy quilt techniques.  See our class sample in the store and
get ready to create a one-of-a-kind bag.  Cost $30
Crocheted Necklace w/Focal Bead Center   Instructor: Kathy Roszkowski
Preq: Chunky Crocheted Bracelet or equivalent Create a beautiful Crocheted rope and add a focal bead
to create a stunning necklace. Cost: $35.  This class will be taught on demand when 2 or more people
are interested.
Foxtail Chain Maille: Foxtail is a flexible and sophisticated chain that is a little more complicated to
make than the basic Queen's chain, but not by much. 
Cost $35
Flat Chain Maille Preq. Chain Maille I  While Flat chain maille can be challenging yet it yields beautiful
results.  In this class, you will learn  6-in 1 flat Chain.  This class is beyond beginner level.
Cost $35;
Tryzantine Chain Maille: Preq: Chain Maille I Tryzantine is a dense chain that is stunning and
chunky.  This class is beyond beginner level.
Cost $35;
Celtic Cross Chain Maille Preq: Queen's Chain . This is a beautiful technique and it works up fast
once you understand the pattern.  These crosses can be joined end to end, side to side or used alone
as a centerpiece or as earrings.  If you can make the Queen's Chain, you can make these crosses.
Cost $35; 
Beaded Byzantine Chain (Preq: Wire I and Queen's Chain):Use simple Byzantine links and beads to
create very versatile little components that can become just about any kind of jewelry.  Surprisingly
easy to make. These can be used in multiples to build an elegant chain that stands on its own. This
class is beyond beginner level - you need to be able to make wrapped loops and Byzantine Chain. 
Cost $35
Japanese Flat Chain  This is a simple technique so the real fun comes in complicating the design. you
will likely finish a piece that can become a bold bracelet or a fluid necklace.
Cost $35
Jenn's Pind Preq: 2 other chain Maille patterns: This isn't a true chain maille, but it is a fluid and pretty
chain that stands alone. The chain looks complicated, but is actually very simple to make. This is
also one of those chains that looks delicate and lacy in smaller jump rings, and very masculine in
larger chunky rings.
Cost $35 taught: 


Fantasy Bracelet                                            Instructor: Becky Greubel

Design a wonderful self-closing bracelet using heavy gauge wire and embellish with pearls or beads
for a wonderful one-of-a-kind look! Cost $25 .
Felted Beads                                                    Instructor: Cindy French
Have you noticed all the cool things you can do with felted beads?  There are all sorts of ideas in
magazines and on websites.  Come learn to make your own!  We will be making wet-felted wool
beads – they’re quick and easy.  Once you get the hang of making the bead, we’ll work on
embellishment.  Make a few or make a necklace full.   
Cost $30
Felted Bowl                                                    Instructor: Cindy  French
Preq: Must be able to knit or crochet.  Learn to make this wonderful felted bowl.  Choose colors to
coordinate with your decor. They may a great focal piece in any room. Cost $30

Flag Bracelet                                                 Instructor: Becky Greubel

Preq: Knowledge of Peyote. Show your patriotism on the next patriotic holiday with this great Flag
bracelet. Repeat the pattern to your wrist and enjoy the compliments! Cost $25
Flat Spiral Bracelet                                        Instructor: Cindy French
A different twist on a spiral stitch for a gorgeous finished bracelet. It's quick! It's Easy! You will
definitely want to take this one!
Cost $30.  
Freeform Netting                                           Instructor: Cindy French
Preq: Experience with beadweaving.  Use this stitch to make a multi-strand necklace that combines
many different shapes.  This class is for adventurous beginners
Cost $30
Freeform Peyote                                            Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Knowledge of Peyote. Learn the skills involving in creating a freeform peyote piece. Beyond
beginner level. 
Cost: $35

Gypsy RAW Bracelet                                             Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Beginning Right Angle Weave is recommended. Free form and whimsical. This bracelet can
                              become a wonderful necklace easily.  The gypsy look is chunky, interesting and easy.   Come work
                              with Kat on this foot loose and fancy free creation.  Beyond beginner level.    $35

Knitted Beaded Bag                                         Instructor: Cindy  French
Preq: Must be able to knit. This old knitting technique, uses small needles, Pearle Cotton and seed
beads that yields the beginning of a beautiful necklace bag. A larger scale version of this project can
also be worked.    Cost: $30
Knitted Scarf                                                   Instructor: Cindy  French
Preq: Must be able to knit. Use light weight yarn and beads to create this easy yet gorgous scarf.
A great project for that special gift.  Cost $30
Kumihimo Weaving  I                                       Instructor: Kat Allison
Kumihimo is the Japanese name for the art of cord-making via braiding. This is a special opportunity
to learn Kumihimo Weaving from one of the best!  You will create braids from beautiful fiber and
beads of your design. The class includes complete weaving setup with warping board, hand-turned
marudai and bobbins. Be sure to sign up early! There are only 6 seats available in this class which will
only be offered three times a year. Cost: $145
Kumihimo Weaving II                                  Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Kumihimo Weaving I or equivalent     Bring your marudai, 8 bobbins and some more gorgeous
threads and learn two new Kumihimo braids. The class also focuses on understanding how to read a
Kumihimo pattern.   We’ll start with an elegant round braid, a pretty and useful cord that works
extremely well as a necklace, in frog closures or as a tie closure for jackets or sweaters.  The next
braid is a traditional flat braid that is perfect for trimming a garment, customizing a lampshade, or
making a lovely little fiber and bead bracelet.  $35
Kumihimo Weaving III                      Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Kumihimo Weaving I or equivalent    This class takes Kumihimo braiding to the next level. 
We’ll be working with 16 bobbins to make a surprisingly easy braid that looks anything but easy.  The
class focuses on some simple tricks for keeping all that fiber in the right place.  You will need to
have purchased an extra set of 40 gram bobbins, or you can combine 40 and 60 gram sets.   You
need to be comfortable with braiding techniques. $35
Loom Weaving                                      Instructors:  Cindy  French
Learn loom weaving using a new and innovative approach.  We have changed the format of this class
so that you can choose the media (beads or fiber) for your looming adventure.  Buy your loom (which
can be used for either project) and the Copper Loom Weaving book and pick your class.  In the bead
looming class, you will make a beaded piece that can be used as a bookmark, bracelet or a closure
for your fiber purse.  In the fiber looming class, you will weave a purse that will turn heads!  Best yet,
the warping system eliminates all the finishing work normally associated with loomed work.
Cost $50  + $10 kit fee (Fiber class only)
Loom Weaving Beads:* 
Loom Weaving Fibers: *

  * Lunch break built into schedule
Loom Weaving II: Beads from a Chart               Instructor:  Cindy  French
Preq: Loom Weaving - Beads. Consider taking this class as a next step to increase your looming
skills.  You will learn to work with charts as you weave a patterned piece.  Cindy will show just how
easy it is!  Cost $30
Moon Shapes                                                   Instructor: Kat Allison
This project was featured in Beadworks Magazine in 2003 and again in their best projects of the 10
years! .Make simple Right-Angle Weave Crescents, and then turn them into bracelets, necklaces and
earrings that look anything but simple  You’ll get more from the class if you learn right-angle weave
first. Cost $35.  
Ndebele Collar                                      Instructor: Cindy French
Preq: Knowledge of Ndebelle Stitch. This is a great collar necklace that drapes well and looks
fabulous!  This style is great for a dressy or casual look,You will get a good start on this project in
class.  Cost $30
Ndebele Variations                                        Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Knowledge of Ndebele Take your knowledge of Ndebele to the next level.  Don’t miss this
opportunity to learn innovative applications using this ancient stitch!
Cost: $35
Needle Felting by Hand                      Instructor: Kat Allison
Felting in all its forms is incredibly popular, and hand needle-felting is the place to start.  You’ll
make a textured and beautiful textile using very simple tools. We’ll even add some interesting
embellishments like beads without ever threading a needle. 
Cost $35
Needle Felting by Machine                              Instructor: Cindy French
Learn the How-to's of needle felting by machine. A great way to get larger fiber pieces set with a
background and ready for finer embellishing Cost: $30
Needle Painting                                                Instructor: Kat Allison
Free-motion machine work is one of the most versatile techniques for multi-media embellishments
in wearables, functional craft and fiber based jewelry.  Bring a sewing machine, a few spools of thread
and begin your own fiber art.  We’ll also show you how to add neat extras like machine beading,
needle felting and metal.  Cost $ 35
Netted Pouch                                                  Instructor: Cindy  French
Learn the netting stitch while making a gorgeous amulet pouch.  Add a strap and you are ready to go
Cost: $30
Nuno Felting                                 Instructor: Kat Allison
Until now, this is the kind of technique you had to travel to one of the big craft schools to learn.  Use
beautiful hand-dyed silk habotai and wool roving to create a textured piece of elegant fiber art.  This
stuff just screams to be made into purses or wearables, and it loves to be embellished with bead
work and embroidery. This class will be held outside so plan to wear shorts and a top that can get
wet! Cost $50 includes all supplies   
Peaks and Valleys Bracelet              Instructor: Becky Greubel
This is an easy sculptural  bracelet that you will want to make again and again as gifts or to match
every outfit in your closet. Cost $30
Pearl Knotting                                               Instructor: Cindy French
Learn traditional Pearl knotting the quick and easy way! Learn a process that makes this sometimes
hard-to-learn class a breeze! Knotting not only adds strength and flexibility to your necklace, but is
also very attractive.
Cost $30 
Peyote Graphs                                          Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Knowledge of Peyote. Learn how to tackle that seemingly impossible but beautifully patterned
Peyote project.  Kat will help you break down the most complex graph into a super easy project.  This
class is a great one to take before you start one of the beautiful Chris Manes Wind, Water, Fire or
Earth patterns.  For this class, you will need to come with the graph that  confounds you and be
prepared to leave ready to start that special project.  Cost $35.
Peyote Beaded Cab                                       Instructor:Kat Allison
Preq : Knowledge of beadweaving   Learn to take a cabochon or drilled stone and turn it into a
beautiful focal for a necklace.  Using  this technique, you can create a focal bead to match your
designs. Cost $35. 

Polymer Clay II                NEW CLASS                    Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Beginning Polymer Clay or equivalent.  This class demystifies the next level polymer techniques
of mokume gane, mica shift, liquid polymer enamel, metal leafing and toner transfers.  You need a
good working knowledge of basic polymer clay techniques and you also need to pre-condition your
clay. $35.
PMC Charms                                   Instructor: Jeanne Novak
This is a shorter version of the PMC I class and uses a smaller amount of Precious Metal Clay.  Learn
many of the basics of Precious Metal Clay and take home a small finished piece made from  fine silver
(.999). Because of the shorter time of this class, only one firing will be done.   All materials included
in this 3 hour class.  Cost $119

Right Angle Weave Mandala                            Instructor: Kat Allison
Make a wonderful Mandela using Right Angle Weave.  This centerpiece will get you many compliments
Use one mandala as a great centerpiece for a necklace or bracelet or combine several for a repeating
effect. Cost: $35
Rosary                                                           Instructor: Becky Greubel
In this class you will learn the fundamentals of rosary making.  Choose either a Roman or Anglican
rosary. Cost: $25.
Round Peyote                                                 Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Knowledge of Peyote. Create multiple flat medallions to be used as a focal for a necklace or
bracelet. Cost: $35.
Russian Leaf                                               Instructor: Becky Greubel
Becky will help you create beautiful leaves that can be used for focal centers or as surface
embellishment. Cost $30
Sheet Metal Medallion                                    Instructor: Kat Allison
Kat will show you how to fashion a great pendant or bracelet with copper sheeting.  Shape and
embellish- you will live the look.  Cost: $35+ $10 kit fee.
Small Scale Macramé                                      Instructor: Kat Allison
This is not your mama’s macramé…Learn to make a small scale version of traditional macramé that
produces an elegant fiber and bead bracelet that can be easily converted to a necklace or watch
band.  Cost: $35. 
Spiral Rope                                                  Instructor: Cindy French
Learn the ins and outs of the spiral rope.  There are lots of variations of this
technique that provide fun in designing new looks.   Cost $30 
St. Pete's Chain                                             Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Strong working Knowledge of Peyote or Square Stitch. Come learn this stitch that is easy but not
like any other stitch!  Learn to make short chain in the class. From there you can make a lovely
necklace or lariat.  Cost: $35.
Tapestry Medallion                                           Instructor: Cindy French
Use fiber and beads to create beautiful multi-media piece that can be funky or sophisticated
necklace! Cindy will show you how to make shaped fiber pieces using this technique. Beginner level
class. Cost: $30
Tibetan Finger Weaving                               Instructor Cindy French
Cindy will show you how this technique can be used to make a great looking bracelet or necklace.
Fiber and beads are transformed into chunky and sophisticated.   
Cost: $30
Traditional Wirework Tennis Bracelet           Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wirework or Equivalent.   Learn to make a beautiful bangle bracelet which
features square wire and cubes.  This look is really eye catching.  Kathi will show you how. Cost $35.

Traditional Wirework Earrings                     Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wirework or Equivalent.   Learn to make 3 styles of traditional wirework
earrings.  You will make a Hoop earring, a teardrop earring and a drop earring.  Make one of each in
the class and go home and finish the set.  Cost $35   Saturday Dec 7 (1:30-4:00 p.m.)
Traditional Wirework Lady's Cuff                Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wirework or Equivalent.  This open design bracelet looks complicated but
is relatively easy to  make.  This is a great project to make and give as gifts.
Cost $35  Saturday Dec 14 (2:00-5:00)

Tubular Herringbone                                Instructor: Kat Allison
Prerequisite: Knowledge of Herringbone stitch  Tubular herringbone is a great addition to your stitch
inventory.  Use it for simple bracelets or necklace ropes that can be surfaced embellished or worn
plain.  Cost: $35  
Tubular Netting                      Instructor:Cindy French
Prerequisite: Knowledge of Basic stringing  Tubular Netting is an easy, flexible stitch that may be
used for many applications.  In this class, learn to make a one-of-a-kind statement piece with a
special focal bead.  Cindy will show you how.  Cost $30.
Tubular Peyote                                          Instructor: Kat Allison
Prerequisite: Knowledge of Peyote stitch  Learn to fashion large end caps as a finishing element for
kumihimo braids, tassels or any multi-strand necklace.   Cost: $35
Viking Knitting                                                Instructor: Kat Allison
Learn to knit with wire – this old, traditional method of shaping wire is a wonderful touch for that
special strand. Let Kat show you how to create and use this piece.  A great component for a special
piece.  Cost: $25 + $10 fee for drawplate.

Wire and Bead Baskets                                Instructor: Kat Allison
Prerequisite:  Wire I or experience with wire. Learn the basics of wire sculpture while making a very
functional basket.  The technique is amazingly versatile and can be used in functional crafts,
decorative art and some very cool jewelry components. 
Cost: $35 
Wire Crocheted Necklace    NEW CLASS      Instructor: Kathy Roszkowski
Prequisitite: Must be able to crochet.  Wire and beads - that's all it takes to make this great chunky
necklace. This technique works great for earrings too.  Let Kathy show you how to finish this project
quickly and start on your next crocheted wire creation.  We know you will want several! Cost $35

Wire I                                                             Instructor: Kat Allison
All the basics from how to use the tools to how to choose your wire.  You will learn to  make your
own closures, Jump rings,  a wrapped loop bead chain and bangle bracelet. You will also learn the
basics of combining wire and beads. This is a great class for becoming comfortable with bending
wire and learning from one of the best!
Cost: $35.
Wire II                                                            Instructor: Kat Allison
Prerequisite:  Wire I or equivalent experience. Make elaborate closures and a simple jig that lets you
begin to make you own charms and shaped wire, bead cages-a wire wrapped cabochon, and wire
beads. Kat will bring all kinds of wire working tools to see.
Cost: $35 
Wirework “Gates”                                             Instructor: Cindy French
Learn to make Square Metal embellishmentsto use as bracelet and bracelet elements, connectors or
bracelet closures. Beads can be threaded between them for added style.  Cost: $30
Wispy Crystal Necklace                                  Instructor: Becky Greubel
This “floating” necklace is just the right item for that smart black cocktail dress.  All it takes is bead
wire, lots of crimps and small crystals. Cost: $25.
Unique Findings          NEW CLASS                       Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Wire I and Wire II. The title says it all!  Come play with Kat and learn to make your own findings
that are as unique as you are.  Kat will show you how.       Cost: $35 .
Bracelet Blanks NEW CLASS                            Instructor: Kat Allison
Preq: Peyote Bezeled Cab. In this class, you will take a brass cuff and learn to fashion a beautiful
woven bracelet using your design.  This class is taught in 2 sessions and is an intermediate class. 
Come learn how from one of the best.  Cost $50.

Traditional Wirework V-Neck Omega Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wirework Cahochon and Traditional Wire Braided Bracelet   Learn to make a V-Neck Omega using traditional wirework techniques.  The finished necklace can be used to display your wire wrapped cahochons or any other pendant with a wide bail.  Cost $35 

Traditional Wirework Top Clasp Bangle       Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. at least 3 Traditional Wirework classes  The clasp on this bracelet will catch you eye. Made
using heavy gauge wire and traditional wirework techniques, the resulting bangle will get you lots of
compliments.  This class is advanced beginner level and beyond.  Cost $35

Traditional Wirework Small Prong Ring      Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. At least 3 Traditional Wirework classes.  If you are interested in making rings using traditional
wirework techniques, this is the place to start.  You will make a pronged ring with a small stone.
This class is intermediate level.   Cost $35 

Variegated Flower                                           Instructor: Barb Gibson
Prerequisite:  Knowledge of brick stitch. In this project, you may choose to make one of the following
flowers:  5-petal brick stitch flowers including instructions for anemone, peach and strawberry
flowers.  This intermediate project uses ladder stitch, brick stitch, and fringe to make dimensional
flowers for use in a variety of beaded projects.  You will complete a variegated flower in class and get
the easier peach and strawberry flower instructions as a bonus gift.  Cost $30

Fantasy Flower                                            Instructor: Barb Gibson

Prerequisite Knowledge of peyote stitch, also  some beginner wire work in using eye pins, head pins,
and forming a loop with wire.   Beginner to intermediate project.  This project uses peyote stitch and
the same increasing technique that is used in the Sculptural Pendant.  It makes a very eye-catching
piece that looks much more complicated than it is.  Cost $25

Crystal Pendant      Instructor: Barb Gibson
Beginner project: It is helpful if you have threaded a needle and have some experience sewing beads
together, but not necessary.  This project starts in the middle of a beaded sphere and uses stringing
and netting techniques.  A smaller ball can be made for earrings or to decorate a tiny Christmas tree.
The crystal ball can also be used as beaded beads in a necklace or bracelet.  Cost $25

Sculptural Pendant                                        Instructor: Barb Gibson
Prerequisite Knowledge of peyote stitch.  Beginner to intermediate project.  This project uses peyote
with a different increase that resembles herringbone stitch.  This is easier than it looks.  You just
have to let it grow into a 3-D shape while you are working, instead of trying to smash it flat. 
Cost: $25 
Traditional Wirework Huggy Ring                Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wirework.   Learn to make Woven wire ring using  traditional
wirework techniques. You can embellish it or not.  Either way - It's classy and eye-catching.
Cost $35  Saturday Dec 7 (10:30-1:00)

Traditional Wirework Braided Bracelet         Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wirework or Equivalent. Learn to make a braided bracelet using traditional
wirework techniques.  This class offers several types of braiding. Chose your favorite and Kathi will
show you how.  Cost $35 

Traditional Wirework Cabochon                   Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wirework or Equivalent   Select the type of Cabochon wrap you want to learn and Kathi will teach you how from the four possible styles.    Cost $35 

Traditional Wirework Bling Ring                Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wirework.   Learn to make  wire ring using  traditional
wirework techniques. Embellish it with crystals to add the bling!
Cost $35
Traditional Wirework Celtic Knot Bangle       Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wirework and Traditional Wire Braided Bracelet; (Traditional Wire Lady's Cuff also helpful). Learn to make a bangle bracelet that has a Celtic Knot as the center element.  This class is beyond beginner level.
Cost $35 

Tree Of Life Pendant                                     Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
In this class, you will fashion a tree of life using wire and beads.  Tailor the look based on colors you like or use birthstone colors for members of you family.  You will walk with a  beautiful piece that reflects your inspirations and designs -- we can make either a "hanging size" for walls, windows, trees or "pendant size"  Cost $35. 
Heart Shaped Earrings/Pendant                       Instructor: Barb Gibson
These heart shapes can be used as earrings or a pendant.  They can also be used as components in a netted Necklace.  Using black beads gave the project a Victorian or gothic feeling.  Using white beads, gives it a more valentine lace look.    Cost $25
Herringbone Variation Bracelet                     Instructor: Barb Gibson
This project used two pieces of alternative herringbone stitch for the bracelet with heart shaped beads strung in between the wristbands.  A focal bead my be used instead of the hearts.  Cost $25

Traditional Wirework Celtic Knots       Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wirework and Traditional Wire Braided  Bracelet.   This stunning bracelet looks like continuous celtic knots. Kathi will show you how to finish with a beautiful clasp keeps the design in focus.  Cost $35

Traditional Wirework Cabochon  Bracelet      Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Beginning Traditional Wire and Traditional Wire Cabochon. In this class, Kathi will show you how to fashion a bracelet that has a wrapped cabochon.  The class is beyond beginner.  The time for the class includes a lunch break.  Cost $50
                                 NEW CLASS
Traditional Wirework Celtic Weave       Instructor: Kathi Hildebrant
Preq. Traditional Wire Celtic Knot Bangle   In the series of Celtic Knot projects, Kathi teaches a more challenging celtic design that is woven.  This project is is worth the effort!  Cost: $40
Sunday Dec 8 (2-5PM)

Starfish Pendant                                        Instructor: Barb Gibson
Prerequisite Knowledge of peyote stitch helpful but not required. In this beginner project,  you will make a starfish that can be used as a pendant, earrings or a pin.  There are 3 sizes to chose from  - you will make one in the class.  We know that you will make lots more.  Thery are cute and fun to make. Cost: $30 Saturday Dec 14 (1:00-3:00)